When you are looking for a wealth of comfort set up in the form of cozy bungalows, then Froggies Divers is the perfect place for you. A small dive resort and PADI operation on Bunaken Island, Froggies Divers offers diving guests an incredible getaway.
You can visit the resort through the virtual tour below.



Two spacious bungalows with bedroom, living area with fan, air-conditioning and safety box. Large Bali style bathroom and a veranda with sea-view. Perfect for a couple or two friends.




Eight Bungalows without a living-room but with a small corner settee, with fan, air-conditioning and safety box, Bali style bathrooms and verandas with beach and sea view. Four recently built bungalows are located on top of the hill. Three, slightly smaller are by the beach and the last one, a bit larger is in the middle.


Three small Bungalows with fan only, safety box, a small Bali-style bathroom and a veranda with sea-view. Ideal for travelers with a tighter budget.  


Our restaurant features delicious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Our meals are mostly inspired by the local Indonesian cuisine.  We are happy to accommodate guests requiring a particular diet for personal, religious or medical reasons. Prior notice is appreciated.

Meals are a great opportunity to meet other visitors from around the world who share a common passion for diving and the sea.

Froggies Resort Map

• All prices for accommodations are per day and per person.

• The cost of your stay includes three meals and all drinking water.

• Laundry items are all washed, dried and ironed completely free of charge as a courtesy to our guests.

• Wi-Fi Internet is included free of charge in the restaurant area.

• Each of our bungalows comes equipped with a western style toilet, shower and hot water.

• Superior and Standard bungalows come equipped with air conditioning for your comfort.



Established in 1991, the Bunaken national park covers close to 900 km2. It is home to hundreds of species of coral and thousands of species of fishes, nudibranchs and crustaceans.

At Froggies Divers, we want to make sure you experience this amazing national park at its best by offering dives that allow you to truly enjoy all of the underwater riches to be found. Long, slow relaxed dives are the best possible way to take in all of the beauty. The majority of the viewing takes place in the first 20m and above and we take care in offering our divers long safety stops where you can enjoy the upper portion of the reef. Dive time is only limited by individual air consumption. Most of our divers stay underwater for more than an hour to enjoy Bunaken’s marine life which includes turtles, napoleons, big jacks, sharks and of course thousands of amazing reef fishes. It is also no secret that this corner of the globe is well known for being a macro paradise!



Click to download the hi-resolution diving map

Click to download the hi-resolution diving map


Long, slow, relaxed dives are the best

Froggies Divers takes great pride in providing each and every one of our guests with a unique and memorable experience. With so many dive sites around the islands and along the coast, you are always going to have a new and exciting adventure. If there is a specific site you would like to visit, just let us know and we will work out a plan to take you there.


SMALL GROUPS – We like to make sure that we provide a personalized experience. Each of our guides takes a maximum of 4 guests and we do our best to prevent mixing certification levels and experiences.

SAFETY – Of course, your safety and comfort are our main priorities. We always take care to match your level of experience with that of the other guests in your group. Each and every one of our dive boats is fully equipped with a first aid kit, emergency oxygen and life jackets. Our staff is regularly trained on the usage of this equipment. All our guides use a DSMB to indicate our position to marine traffic prior to ascending with the group.

GEAR – Never worry if you do not have all of the gear that you need. For the convenience of our guests, we offer first class rental equipment that is regularly maintained and inspected.

MUCK DIVING – Although the standard dive sites of the park offer plenty of diversity, we do offer the possibility to organize an occasional day trip to the coast of North Sulawesi to experience some Muck diving, in search of some special creatures living in this environment.

NUMEROUS DIVE SPOTS – Froggies takes guests to over 30 amazing dive spots depending on the conditions of the tides and currents in any given area. We will not make you dive multiple times on the closest dive spot because it is more convenient for us!

TREASURES ABOUND – The entire area of Bunaken is just overflowing with amazing small treasures such as stunning drop-offs that are filled with macro secrets.



Our experienced diving instructors teach PADI courses which are recognized world wide. Our courses are taught mainly in English and French. Our classes are always taught in small comfortable groups so that everyone will get specific and individualized attention. With us your comfort and convenience are important, so any course can be scheduled according to your particular schedule. Whatever your plans are, we can accommodate you. 



Minimum age: 10 years old.
The course usually takes 3 1/2 days.
Divers aged 10 to 14 will be certified as PADI Junior Open Water.
10 and 11 year old children are limited to 12 meters maximum.
This is the most common certification in the PADI system and after completing the course you will be certified to dive to a depth of 18 meters.

The course on land consists of theory, knowledge reviews, videos, quizzes and final exam.All materials including the book and all rental equipment are included in the price.

Training in the water starts in the shallow water of our lagoon. We practice all the skills in this quiet water. Students get a chance to get used to the equipment and practice skills in this sheltered, shallow area, already with the chance to meet some interesting underwater creatures! Then there are 4 open water dives over two days. On each dive we practice different skills we learned in the lagoon. For a fair portion of the dive, we are looking at fish and enjoying the reef. Students don’t need to be strong swimmers, but must be able to swim 200 meters and float for 10 minutes. Students must be able to answer “no” to all the questions on the PADI medical questionnaire or get signed off by a doctor.

Example schedule:
Day 1 Morning: Theory, Knowledge Reviews and Quizzes for Chapters 1 to 3
Day 1 Afternoon: Videos and Swim test
Day 2 Morning: Lagoon
Day 2 Afternoon: Theory, Videos, Knowledge Reviews and Quizzes for Chapters 4 and 5
Day 3 Morning: Dives 1 and 2
Day 3 Afternoon:  Any remaining theory or videos and Exam
Day 4 Morning:  Divers 3 and 4


Students must already be certified as PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver or an equivalent certification from another training agency. If you have done your first course with another organization like SSI, CMAS, etc. you can still do the Advanced Course. Please send us a copy of your license and make sure you bring it with you when you come to Froggies.

The course normally takes two days with 3 dives on one day and 2 on another.

Minimum age 10 years old. If you have not been diving for more than 6 months and have less than 10 dives we may ask you to do a Scuba Review prior to starting the Advanced Open Water course. If you have not been diving for more than 1 year and have less than 20 dives we will very likely ask to do a Scuba Review first. The cost of the scuba review is not included in the price of the Advanced Open Water.

The course consists of 5 “Adventure Dives”. Basically each “Adventure Dive” is an introduction to a different type of diving.
Students can do the Adventure Dives individually if they want.

The Deep Adventure dive and the Navigation dive are required and we usually suggest do a Night dive as Bunaken is probably one of the best place on Earth to try it. The other two are up the student and the conditions on Bunaken.

On the Deep Adventure dive we go down to 30 meters and test for narcosis, learn about dive planning, and basic decompression theory. After this dive, students are certified to go as deep as 30 meters. Many of the dive sites on Bunaken have interesting animals and life beneath 18 meters and this will allow students go to the deeper areas of dive sites.

The Navigation dive is where students learn the basics of using a compass and navigating a dive site underwater.

The Night Dive is a chance to see the different fish and other animals that come out after dark. All students are provided with an underwater light for this dive.



Although the first two courses are the ones most of our guests wish, we have the possibility to teach the whole range of PADI courses, up to Divemaster. A number of specialties, such as Enriched Air diver are also available. If interested, please, ask our office at the time of booking.
Please, note that not all specialties and courses are available without prior notification.