Clear & affordable prices

Our rates are designed to maximize your diving experience. 

Our Rates are "à la carte", meaning that we don't have dive packages. You only pay for the dives you do. Select how many dives you want and if you want to add more while you're here, there are no surprises. This also means if dive less than expected you will not lose any money. We just calculate with the total amount of dives you did with us. The more dives you do, the lower the rate becomes.

Please click on the respective images below to download the full price lists in PDF format.

 Click to Download Froggies Diver Bunaken - Public Pricelist

Click to Download Froggies Diver Bunaken - Public Pricelist

 Click to Download Froggies Diver Lembeh - Public Pricelist

Click to Download Froggies Diver Lembeh - Public Pricelist


In order to confirm your booking at Froggies Divers Bunaken, we need you to pay a non-refundable deposit of EUR 100 per person, per resort. That deposit can be sent either by PayPal or by bank transfer. Our office will provide you with the required information at the moment of your booking.

Once you are at Froggies, you will be offered the following possibilities to cover your balance: • Cash Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) • For your convenience, we also accept payments cash in EUR, USD or SGD. Conversion to IDR will be done upon check-out with the daily rate from Please, note that we do not carry any change in foreign currencies. Therefore, any change will be returned in IDR. • Credit card (VISA or MasterCard) with a 3% surcharge. Please note that some banks will reject that payment if they have not been informed of your trip to Indonesia prior to your departure from your country. American Express is not accepted.

We cannot accept any payment via bank transfer or PayPal when you are leaving Froggies Divers as these types of payments can take multiple days to be processed. Your bill must be settled upon the time of your check-out.

Should you wish to pay a part or the total amount of your balance in advance, it is again possible by bank transfer or PayPal.

For bank transfers, we do not add any surcharge, but only the amount arriving in our bank account is taken into consideration. We are not responsible for charges withheld by banks. Please, note that it is not uncommon for the bank transfers to take more than 10 days to be delivered to our account. Please, plan your payment accordingly.

With PayPal, we apply a surcharge of 4.4% to cover the commission they keep on each transaction. We will be happy to assist you and create a customised PayPal link for your payment. Just let us know.

Sending money to Indonesia may appear complicated, as it will not be possible to transfer directly Indonesian Rupiah from your country. The transfer will be made in your currency.

We will use the exchange rate found on on the date your transfer arrives on our account to calculate the amount received in IDR. We will then update this information in your invoice and send you an up-to-date version. We are conscious that working with IDR is not the friendliest way as the large numbers are a pain to work with.

It is an Indonesian law that all businesses based in Indonesia now MUST use IDR as their main currency.